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Macbook And iMac Repair

At Altadigital Mac & PC Services we fix all hardware as well as Mac OS related issues of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac and OS X Mac servers. Our turnaround time is the fastest with forty percent of the Mac repairs done on the same day. We do a free diagnosis once you sign in your iMac or MacBook for repair. Our normal diagnostic time is 24 to 48 hours but in most of the cases, you will hear from us on the same day. We have the right tools and expertise to do the complex repair of logic boards, SSD upgrades and any component level services.

All the repair works comes with a ninety day to one-year warranty on service and parts. Most of our technicians are trained by Apple and got many years of experience in fixing MacBook and iMac. Our well-equipped tech center combined with the skills of our technicians make us the most sought-after computer repair shop in Calgary.

Windows All In One PC and Surface Tablet

Laptop And Desktop Repair

We do computer repair services in Calgary and Area for all brands and models of Windows desktop PCs, Laptops, and All-in-Ones. For any repair work, just walk-in.

We perform common repairs like broken screen replacement, power jack repair and replacement, keyboard and touchpad repair, noisy fan replacement, Windows factory restore, Data recovery and Virus removal and Malware cleanup as well as complex hardware repairs like rescuing liquid damaged laptops and BIOS reprogramming. We do Free Diagnosis, do the repairs quickly and provide 90 days to 12 months warranty on all hardware repairs.

We have a good collection of common components like power jacks, hinges, screens, hard drives, motherboards and its chip level components of most of the popular brands.

  • Mac Logic Boards can be repaired at the component level with expertise and right tools.

  • Liquid damaged laptops can be rescued by motherboard repair and/or trackpad and keyboard repair. Replacement is the last option with us.

  • Hard drives for many computers need a tune-up occasionally, or simply a total upgrade to SSD. This makes your computer much faster and comfortable to use.

  • If it is a cracked screen, or dead pixels, most likely we might need to replace it. We can conveniently replace screens for any brand and size with 90 to 180-day warranty to give you peace of mind.

  • We do annual or semi-annual routine tune-ups and cleaning of the computers to ensure smooth, functioning device for you. Most work is done the same day.

Computer With Virus

Virus Removal And Data Recovery

Virus removal requires the right tools and correct diagnosis. We have both and this enables us to cleanup your computers even when it is severely affected. We do not use free tools. Browser pop-ups, adware and spyware are technically not viruses as it won’t harm your system as virus infections do. However, this can make your life miserable by making the computers dead slow and practically unusable. This could also make you susceptible to data theft and privacy breach. We make your system free of any browser pop-ups and adware in as low as three hours.

Data recovery is probably the most important job in IT or computer repair. Recovering data from dead or non-booting computers is something we do every day. Low level data recovery means recovering data from crashed or physically damaged hard drives. We do low level data recovery from crashed hard drives as well as from hard drives in RAID configurations inside servers. We follow a ‘no data, no charge’ policy for data recovery.

  • This can be expensive and difficult at times due to broken fragments of the hard drive. We hence ensure the capacity of the hard drive for the recovery and build and estimate. There is no cost for diagnosis.

  • Most viruses and malicious software are a primary cause of making your machines inefficient and damage the data. Most companies will resort to doing a clean wipe. We use it as a last option as we clean the viruses without losing your data.

  • Altadigital offers inexpensive and comprehensive back-up solutions just incase the data is super precious to you. With the right solution, you can always have that added comfort regarding your data.


Residential Computer Services

Altadigital has been serving the Calgary community and its residents with unparalleled support for more than a decade and it has brought peace of mind to all its customers from the hassles of computer management. From serving a teenager with his/her gaming PC to the Seniors who are constantly getting in touch with the renewing technology, we serve them all. Our technicians and support staff can always render best help to anyone and everyone who needs the comprehensive aid.

  • Telus, Shaw and Bell delivered you their modem and internet connection, but you still need stronger signals at every corner of the house. Look no further as Altadigital can secure and strengthen your home Wi-Fi with the best possible solution. We provide this service on-site to ensure seamless function and support to you.

  • We can network printer and scanners wirelessly or hard wire it in, for convenience to our customers. However, you like it, we will make it happen for you.

  • You got the lush and luxurious iMac, MacBook, Surface Studio, etc., and need a professional setup. Don’t panic and get confused. Feel free to call us so that we can set this up the way you want and the way you like. We can also help you in migration from Windows to Mac and vice-versa.

  • Got an old PC in in functioning or non-functioning state? You need not worry, we can do data migration within a day from functioning hard drives. For non-functioning hard drives, we can get started right away and recover the data at the earliest.

  • With constant updates to Outlook application or Mail applications, your incoming e-mails might get blocked. Let us set it up the right way for the first time itself.

Business IT Services

Alongside residential clients, we have deep expertise and skills to support businesses with their IT. We have been helping businesses for a decade in reducing downtime by providing IT measures that ensures business continuity.

  • Secure, fast and reliable network just makes it much easier for you and your office staff to work with peace of mind. But it is not just security you get with WAP, but also the strong network connection for you to work seamlessly.

  • One printer for everyone at your office or home office? When we are finished setting it up, you will no longer struggle to use the printer in unison. You can scan, fax, print or photocopy with ease and no hassles. This could be networked as well to make sure there is no drop-in connectivity.

  • Security of your computers and network systems is the life line of your business. We have the right tools and expertise to make sure that your business computers are adequately secured.

  • Hundreds of businesses have gone out of business due to data loss. We offer on premises or local data backup as well as the latest and greatest fully automated cloud data back solutions.

  • Every professional organization and business must have a personality, especially with their e-mails. Give your business a personal touch with its own email and configuration including calendar, Skype and much more.

Cabling And Networking

Altadigital offers cabling services that are clean and efficient. We systematically install the cables and run them from the source to destination to ensure safety first and then to be able to mark them correctly to ensure easy recognition for post-installation.

We can support and render you with a fully-functional network solution to accommodate any ad-hoc and future requirements. Whether it be home or business networking, we can connect all the IT in the simplest and most cost-efficient manner.

  • We do cabling from new buildings as well as finished buildings and independent office like medical clinics, law offices and retail businesses.

  • If you have recently leased an office space or moving to a new office space and would like to reorganize the network infrastructure, we are here to get this done in the most professional manner. This will not only ensure downtime but also make the network troubleshooting faster.

  • Tired of frequent network troubles and longer downtimes?. It is time to reorganize your network infrastructure and properly document it. IT and Network documentation can greatly enhance your productivity and reduce the business overheads.

  • Establishing Virtual Local Area Networks greatly enhance the security of your networks and this is very much required when you have multiple businesses sharing the same router or ISP service. This reduces the ISP costs and also help you save money by avoiding the installation and configuration of multiple routers to segregate the networks.


Hardware Procuring & Deployment

When it comes to business IT, Altadigital has earned and celebrates the trust of 75+ happy and satisfied clients who are truly enjoying the benefits of the hard work we put in their business. We have assisted them in constructing their IT from the scratch and built servers, cloud solutions, agile software and programs from the ground up. We pride on our success from the past and are continually supporting new businesses to proliferate with our expertise and use it to their advantage.

When it comes to IT, there is no relevance to any infrastructure created in the virtual environment or any software if there isn’t any strong and reliable hardware. Arguably, with no reliable hardware, there isn’t any value to the brilliant system created around the IT as the hardware deficiency takes away all the fun from utilizing the core of the simplistic infrastructure.

Hence, we procure and deploy the hardware solutions in a way, where the budget is managed comfortably, system agility is taken into consideration and integrity of the hardware itself is well conceived. Some of the key services we offer in this segment are:

  • If you are establishing a new business or upgrading your IT infrastructure we can help you to avoid upfront costs by offering our hardware leasing options.

  • Our IT team is available for hardware deployment during weekdays, weekends and even overnight. This will avoid any interruptions to your normal business operations.

Emails & Colloboration

When Altadigital technicians get you set-up with the right e-mail client or the right collaboration platform, there will be no other solution needed to get your small, mid-size or large business operation to be concerned about the delivery of the true seamless experience.

With over three dozen mid-size, multimillion-dollar businesses relying on our support, we have been able to synthesize the current and future needs and have rendered the best support and solution, so that the business and the personnel can functioning smoothly and efficiently to leverage from the support and deliver the best output.

  • Over the years Microsoft Office 365 has evolved into a robust platform on which you can build a business of any scale and size. This is probably the most widely used and the most popular collaboration tool of today’s businesses.

  • Skype for business is much more than a cheap telephone calling system. It has build in team collaboration tools to share business presentations and video calls and virtural board room meetings between teams sitting anywhere in the world.

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity systems comes with a lot of challenge and overhead in this rapidly changing technical landscape. Also, depending on how the past systems were built there is always an issue to see if it is a reliable option or do we need to take some ad-hoc precautionary measures.

With solutions ranging from cloud data back-up, system configuration, network configuration for virtual working environment, disaster recovery planning, etc., we can deliver holistic solutions around them all and ensure that you are on the right path of succeeding with the business you have built so very passionately.

Our way of providing you with the best business continuity solution is to sit down and discuss your business framework, come up with a strategic delivery roadmap and then we make sure to meet the requirements of the deliverables and support you from all perspective of the IT.

  • We have conceived some of the best disaster recovery roadmaps that have helped business save valuable time and money by reducing the downtime and securing 100% of the data.

  • The quickest way of recovering from a disaster is to remain prepared. Local data backup is one aspect of this preparedness. This will help us to recover the data at the shortest possible time.

  • To have onsite or cloud based standby work stations will greatly reduce recovery times when the disaster strikes and will allow your business to be back on tract within an hour.


Excellent service, affordable and very knowledgeble. Altadigital Computer Services has done multiple computer upgrades, repairs and maintenance for our business and home office and we have been very pleased with the service. Whether it is onsite or by remote location, the technician is very helpful and quick to get things accomplished. Our business relies on our computers daily and for this reason Kamal’s computer support has proven invaluable to us.

I can highly recommend Altadigital Computer Services for your computer needs.

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In this busy time, it is more imperative than ever to ensure our Computer Systems and Databases are running smoothly and efficiently! Who do we entrust with this task? We rely on AltaDigital Computer Services. They are organized, punctual and get the job done to minimize downtime; be it Computer maintenance/Virus issues/ adding Computers onto our network or simply questions…Kamal and his team address our concerns quickly, keeping us up to date and in operation. Thank you Kamal and Team! We wish you the best of Success!!

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